Why Optibelt?

Why Talk To Optibelt V-Belt Suppliers?

Optibelt New Zealand – we won’t leave you stuck. Downtime can be expensive; our aim is to help you keep it to a minimum. We’ll get you the transmission and drive parts you need when you need them.  Call Optibelt on 09 6345511: your trusted power transmission and V-Belt suppliers throughout New Zealand.

10 good reasons
to prefer Optibelt V-belts


SAVE ENERGY through improved power transmission between motor and drive due to OPTIBELT S=C Plus tolerances providing highest possible transfer of power


MORE EVEN POWER DISTRIBUTION from closest tolerance V-belt lengths ensuring even load taken across all belts


S=C PLUS TOLERANCES = Closest possible tolerances around the nominal length. (Up to 3 times closer than the RMA Standards) This ensures belts can be assembled in sets without measuring. This means reduced stores stock and improves efficiency of stores and maintenance staff time. This increases efficiency of drives, under ideal conditions, to 97% efficiency.


REQUIRE NO MATCHING means maintenance crew can rely on All OPTIBELT V-belts being the same nominal length with OPTIBELT S=C PLUS and OPTIBELT M=S from manufacture


REDUCE BELT VIBRATION with smoother belt flanks formed by unique OPTIBELT Rotary Vulcanisation patented manufacturing process meaning reduced damage to bearings


REQUIRE LESS ADJUSTMENT with OPTIBELT REDPOWER V-belts with additional benefits over and above OPTIBELT S=C PLUS being a non-stretch tension cord requiring no maintenance for the life of the belt when setup correctly.


INCREASED SERVICE INTERVALS due to unique OPTIBELT REDPOWER belts and OPTIBELT S=C PLUS manufacturing tolerances and use of OPTIKRIK Tension gauges


EXTREMELY LOW STRETCH from improved tension cord construction meaning tension maintained improving belt life and also smaller drive center


REDUCED TEMPERATURE BUILD-UP from use of OPTIBELT S=C PLUS and OPTIBELT REDPOWER which reduce belt slip meaning less heat buildup caused by slipping belts


LONGER LIFE SPAN possibilities result from benefits of OPTIBELT S=C PLUS guaranteed belt lengths, maintained V-belt tension reducing heat build-up which is caused though belt slip

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