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The Optibelt website gives good background information about the power transmission suppliers and manufacturers of the world’s closest tolerance V-Belts. An installation and maintenance section provides valuable information about setting up drives to ensure optimum efficiency and long belt.


A site for others in the industry to admire. Layout and content is impressive, a huge amount of product information is available for download. Installation and maintenance instructions for virtually every product are available for download in PDF form.


This site has a large amount of information on various types of gearboxes e.g. Servo Spiral bevel gearboxes, spiral bevel gearboxes, servo planetary gearboxes, low backlash planetary gearboxes etc. Installation and maintenance information on gearboxes are also available for download in PDF form.


This site has an impressive amount of information on brakes and clutches. INTORQ is a young company that has been spun off from Lenze Bremsen GmbH to take over the production of Lenze brakes and clutches. Lenze no longer manufacture these two products.


An impressive site, laid out well with easy navigation features. Product information is limited however, especially in our main area of interest – chain.


An interesting site with an innovative navigation interface from these power transmission suppliers. The IPL website gives details of the impressive scale of their operation and the range of products manufactured. A PDF version of their catalogue is available for download.

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